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The goal of cryotherapy is to reduce the activity of patient cells, increase cell survival, reduce inflammation, reduce pain and spasm, and constrict blood vessels.

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Dermatological Cryosurgery
Dermatological Cryosurgery

Study time: 2 minutes

Gynecological Cryosurgery

Cryo device function to treat cervical ulcers with freezing

Cryo is a treatment for cervical ulcers to remove a layer of cervical tissue.

Used in cases where one or more layers of cervical tissue need to be completely destroyed.

In this method of treating cervical ulcers using nitrous oxide gas(N2O), superficial cells are destroyed by creating a cold of -60 ° C

After a while, normal cells begin to grow.

If the cervical ulcer becomes infected, it is best to be treated with medication and have a Pap smear.

Cervical cryotherapy is usually performed in an office without anesthesia and generally does not take more than 2-3 minutes.

Symptoms of cervical ulcers

Most women find a cervical ulcer on a doctor's examination with a speculum.

In fact, they have no symptoms, and when they go for a checkup, they are suddenly diagnosed with a sore.

Women's cryosurgery is also used to treat cervical cysts.

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