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The goal of cryotherapy is to reduce cellular metabolism, increase cell survival, reduce inflammation, reduce pain and spasm, and constrict blood vessels. Cryotherapy (or cryotherapy) is a special treatment

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Dermatological Cryosurgery

Cryotherapy is a treatment in which part of the patient's body or the whole body is exposed to the cold

Cryotherapy is a special treatment in which superficial skin lesions are frozen.

Freezing may be the most appropriate treatment for various types of skin lesions

After scaling, the lesion separates from the body

During this process, the body produces new cells to replace the frozen lesion

As a result, no trace of the lesion will remain, except in some cases where the treatment site may remain as a pale white spot or scar

This method is relatively inexpensive, safe and reliable

However, it is important that the skin lesion is accurately diagnosed.

Cryo device has a double-walled and insulated tank and this device contains liquid nitrogen.

Liquid nitrogen inside this device produces a severe cold of about -196 degrees Celsius

When liquid nitrogen is sprayed on a skin lesion by a cryo device, it rapidly lowers the temperature of the tissue lesion, which freezes the target tissue and causes cell death.

The sprayed skin lesion will appear as white or red and blue blisters for several days.

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