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Cryotherapy of the heart is caused by scarring or destruction of a specific tissue in the heart that causes or stimulates a heartbeat.

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Cryo Cardiac Ablation

Cardiac arrhythmia means an abnormal heart rhythm (fast, slow or irregular)

Typically, the heart rhythm is regular, with about 60 to 99 beats per minute

Cryo Ablation of the heart is a device for treating irregular heartbeats

This may be just a temporary pause and be so short that it does not affect the overall heart rate, or it may instead cause the heart to beat too fast or too slow.

In some cases, cryoAblation prevents the transmission of abnormal electrical signals into the heart and thus stops the arrhythmia.

When abnormal heart tissue is detected, the tip of cryo probe is placed on it.

Energy enters the tissue through the probe, eliminating the cause of the irregular heartbeat.

After the abnormal tissue disappears, the pacemaker is replaced in the patient's body and the heart rate returns to normal.

Cold has been used in the construction of the cryo device due to less complications. The device is based on Joule-Thomson effect.

Joule-Thomson effect: In thermodynamics it is attributed to temperature changes caused by pressure changes at constant enthalpy.

Which indicates thermodynamic changes in gas or liquid when passing through small diameter pipes.

The ratio of these changes is also called the Joule-Thomson coefficient

Accordingly, nitrous oxide gas(N2O) is used in the device. Which, after passing through a tube with a small diameter, creates a cold equal to -50 degrees Celsius. The cold is then transferred to the probe, destroying the abnormal heart tissue.

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